The Eight of Cups depicts a cloaked figure embarking on a journey towards the mountains, his back is turned from eight abandoned cups which can be seen in the foreground.

The figure is dressed in red, a sacred colour that is associated with action, survival, and the heart. The pale blue-green sky mirrors the colour of the water, it’s emptiness punctuated only by the appearance of the moon.

In the tarot, the moon, like water, symbolises feelings and intuition, however, the moon also illuminates and reveals what was once concealed. In the Eight of Cups card, the moon is depicted in its various phases to indicate the passing of time. Time is the great healer after all.

Walking away from something or someone that once brought you joy can be one of the hardest and bravest things you can do in life. Part of the problem is that letting go requires releasing a part yourselves that may still be in some way bound to that thing.

However, once you recognise that there is no other option than to leave what no longer serves your highest good, to honour the realisation that you deserve more and commit to nurturing that space that is left yearning, you commit to realigning your core beliefs and values. Who are you? What makes you feel fulfilled.

We each possess within us the potential to live many different lives and the lucky among us will do so in one lifetime. Virgo season demands the very best from us, it demands that we serve others with dignity and grace, yet it also reminds us that we, ourselves deserve to live out the best possible version of ourselves, however, we cannot do this from a place of lack.

You cannot pour from an empty cup and this is demonstrated beautifully in this card by the positioning of the figure who appears to be standing in an empty space where another cup might have been.

Virgo season is here and it reminds us that not everything in life is meant to come with us on the journey. Sometimes it is best to travel light.