This month’s luminous full moon falls in the independent and freewheeling sign of Aquarius on Monday 3rd August. Also known also as the ‘Sturgeon Moon’ due to the abundance of these freshwater fish at this time of the year. This full moon will highlight themes of the ego and those of the self and others as both luminaries will inhabit opposing fixed signs (sun is in Leo, Moon in Aquarius), indeed, this moon promises to be quite the event.
Aquarius is ruled by the 11th house of humanitarianism, networking, and creativity. Indeed, this house is often known as the house of friendship and the individuals born under this sign are as well known for their individuality and eccentricity as they are their compassion and empathy, see Aquarian activist, Angela Davis and Aquarian philanthropists, Oprah Winfrey and Charles Dickens.  
Aquarians are also ruled by Uranus, the planet of rebellion and unpredictability, which allows for individuals born under this sign to maintain an impressive balance between their unique sense of individuality and big-picture thinking which can encompass everything from community to global issues. Indeed, these natives may be known for their somewhat eccentric natures (see Aquarian natives Alice Cooper and Harry Styles), however don’t be fooled by their kookiness, these fixed air signs possess amazing intellectual prowess and love to channel their powers for good wherever possible.
August’s full moon follows the extremely intense and emotional eclipse season of June and July, so the energy will feel lighter than of late, however with the full moon squaring Uranus, expect the unexpected. Indeed, the full moon in Aquarius may well bring drastic changes within your social circle during the course of the month. The best way to harness this month’s full moon energy? Switch off your devices and instead plug your energy into reconnecting with those who inspire and uplift you – collaboration is key this month, however, this is also the perfect time to embrace your own inner eccentricities

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!

Art: La Luna, @artisticside