HARVEST – New Moon in Taurus

This afternoon I took some time out to be still and centre myself for the upcoming new moon in Taurus on the 22nd / 23rd April (depending on where you are in the world). I have my ascendant in Taurus, so this is familiar and easy energy for me to work with, however, the last few weeks have been emotionally taxing to say the least and I’ve felt exhausted and in need of real rest.

I love working with the moon’s energy, but it feels more important than ever to do this now that the days are stretching into weeks. Honouring and observing the moon’s cycles offers us the opportunity to continually assess where we are, how we are doing and in what direction we would like to move forward, it is also a constant reminder of the awesome power of nature, and each phase acts as a bookmark in which to navigate the weeks and months. Today, I decided to pull an oracle card- something I rarely do; however, I did so and drew the beautiful Harvest card from the Inner Compass deck – perfect for both Taurus season and Earth Day.

This card indicates that the time for harvest has arrived, it asks that we step back and take stock of our hard work and efforts, that we witness the fruits of our labours (however they may look), and that we do this with gratitude. As the guidebook attests,

‘Your attitude toward the results is crucial, for it shows the extent to which you accept and trust yourself’

Whatever it is that you are working towards, have faith, the universe is always conspiring in your favour and wants to see you fulfil your potential. So, keep planting those seeds, especially on the evening of a new moon and especially on the evening of a new moon in the sign that rules value, fertility and abundance. Taurus, the sacred cow, the builder and the romantic dreamer. 

I will be spending this new moon in Taurus giving thanks for all that I have, all that I have worked hard for and all that is yet to pass. 

Happy New Moon in Taurus. Remember to be kind, think abundantly, have faith, and always trust the process.