The Knight of Cups is depicted upon a noble white stead which is poised to take its first step into the stream before them. The horse’s raised leg echoes the Knight’s outstretched hand in which he holds a golden cup, an offering of his love and emotions, both actions represent a leap of faith.

The Knight’s armour is adorned with an intricate motif of waves and fishes which represent the element of water which the cup suit rules. Of all of the Knights in the Tarot, the Knight of Cups is associated with feminine energy as he is ruled by his feelings and his heart.

As a person, the Knight of Cups is the ultimate romantic, these individuals are not only in touch with their emotional side but can be described as pure souls as signified by the white horse. This card represents the classic, ‘Knight in Shining Armour’ archetype if you like. Conversely, these characters can also be seen as a little idealistic, possibly flighty and easily bored. Indeed, the Knight of Cups is in fact, in love with love, which although incredibly romantic, doesn’t always leave room for reality or longevity.

As advice and guidance, the Knight of Cups is a reminder that it is safe to open your heart in order to offer and receive love. This card can also indicate incoming messages of love as demonstrated by the Knight’s winged helmet and shoes – a reference to the Greek deity, Hermes, a messenger that could move freely between the mortal and divine realms. A.E.White notes that this card could indicate, ‘a visit from a friend who will bring unexpected money to the Querent.’ Be aware though, if you have a major decision to make, the appearance of this card is advising you to consider all the facts and not to jump into anything based purely on your emotions.

Knights present as the extreme energy of their suits, so the Knight of Cups embodies all that is romantic, emotional, and poetic, however, these Knights are very fond of wearing those rose-tinted glasses of theirs and they can be somewhat unrealistic so keep in mind both sides to this sweet character when they come riding into your reading.