When I drew the Ten of Swords today, it reminded me that life is cyclical and there is no better way to demonstrate this than through astrology.

Today marks the first of two new moons in Cancer, a rare occurrence, made even more unique by the fact that today we also have a solar eclipse.

New moons as we know are said to be ample times for manifesting and planting seeds of intention in terms of goals and projects. As we embark on a new lunar moon cycle we are presented with a blank page in which to draw our future plans.

Eclipses deal with fate, they are catalysts for change, closing out what is no longer serving our highest good. Therefore today’s new moon is not so much about building plans for the future, but reassessing and re-evaluating our current situations, feelings, and goals. Where do you want to continue to invest your time and efforts in your life and what feels outdated and no longer a good fit?

Today’s eclipse is the final series in the Cancer/Capricorn axis which began back in 2018, so think about what was happening in your life back then, you may find that the thoughts and feelings that come up now relate to trends and patterns dating back to the last 18 months.

Life is a continual cycle of endings and beginnings and we cannot have one without the other. Today’s new moon eclipse asks that you address what no longer needs to occupy space in your life now and to leave this with dignity and peace. Not only is this one of the secrets to an emotionally fulfilling life, but it allows you to create room for what is truly meant for you.

Cancer is no stranger to plunging into emotional depths, but with Mercury now retrograde for most of Cancer season, things may feel foggy and overly complex. Trust your instincts, trust your intuition, and most importantly, trust in yourself, clarity will resume over the course of the next lunar month.

New Moon Blessings