All the World’s a Stage…

There is will be a sparkling new moon in the regal sign of Leo on Tues 18th / Wed 19th August, which will set the skies alight.

Communication is key this month as the Sun, Moon AND Mercury will all be residing in the show-stopping sign of Leo. Therefore, thoughts, communication, and travel (be that physical or mental) are all themes that will emerge during this grand fire trine.

Under the new moon in Leo you may begin to ponder just what is it that you want to communicate with the world right now and where you would like this to take you? If you have been contemplating any major changes in your life, this is also an auspicious time in which to plant those seeds of action.

Writing, entertaining, or any form of creative or playful expression is favoured under this new moon, however with the influence of Mars squaring Saturn, tempers may flare, so exercise patience and goodwill where possible. The good news is that Mars is currently hanging out in Aries, and this will trine the new moon, giving us all a much needed dose of cosmic energy where our passions, hobbies and creative endeavours are concerned.

As summer slowly winds down and we prepare for Virgo’s harvest, the new moon in Leo is a wonderful time to reflect on the past season, the lessons we’ve learned and how we can make use of these going forward. Remember, each new moon opens a six month portal for potential and growth.

Finally, Leo is the diva of the zodiac. Indeed, these fixed, fiery individuals know what they want and they are not afraid to go for it, so harness this energy by putting yourself centre stage now. What is it that you want to manifest in your life? What is your purpose in this world?

There is so much opportunity for personal transformation and reivention this week, so think like a Leo and go big or go home.

Time to set those intentions…

Art: Lion Tamer, Tyler Shields, 2019