Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles depicts a man leaning on a garden hoe, his expression is one of anticipation and expectation as he gazes at the fruits of his labour in the form of an abundant crop of seven pentacles.

The appearance of this card denotes that you are working hard towards a long-term goal and willing to put in the effort where a situation or relationship is concerned. Although this card advises that such achievements may take time and effort, as witnessed by the expression of the figure in the card which can be read as somewhat tired, the crop demonstrates that your dedication and hard work will yield the desires results, so have faith and don’t give up.

Perhaps you are studying towards an academic or vocational course and feeling the fatigue that comes with higher learning, maybe you are starting your own business, or perhaps like me, you are embarking on a daily exercise routine in an attempt to work muscles that have long been out of action following years of hunching over a laptop.

In a more personal capacity, you may have resolved to put in more effort into a relationship that has been neglected and in need of some nourishment. Partnerships are like dreams and ambitions, they are very real and need constant care and attention, otherwise they can go to seed.

If you have committed to working towards a long-term goal, remember to approach this as though you were training for a marathon, don’t start at 100 miles an hour only to burn out at the first hurdle, give yourself space and time – consistency is key. If you are feeling as though you’ve hit a wall, step back and take stock of what you have already achieved. Life is a journey and occasionally we need to stop and check our bearings to ensure that we are still on the right path and not veering off track.

I know that applying oneself towards anything in this current climate can feel impossible as we juggle working from home, childcare, home schooling, not to mention housekeeping and trying to maintain some semblance of normality in the most irregular of times. I know I am struggling with my own plate-spinning existence right now, but the message here is to maintain continuity by taking regular actions (no matter how small), towards your goals, even if that means just showing up.

We are still in the midst of Taurus season, so think like the bull and play the long game and if in doubt, heed these wise words from #Scorpio icon, Pablo Picasso

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you at work