The Strength card depicts a maiden taming a lion, her expression calm and serene as she tenderly holds the lion’s head, her hands in dangerous proximity to the beast’s open jaws. However, the woman appears completely at ease, fearless, and in complete control of the wild animal. Similar to the Magician, she bears the infinity symbol above her head, demonstrating that she has the tools that she needs to conquer her fears and obstacles. The Strength card is associated with the number 8, which represents ‘female magic’, the month of August and the astrological sign of Leo. 

Strength. It is a virtue we admire in others and one that we hope to possess and cultivate when the time is needed. Strength is intrinsic to our survival; however, the reality is that it only reveals itself to us during difficult and uncertain times. In this respect, strength and fear make for unlikely bedfellows, yet, there has never been a greater need on both an individualistic and collective level to summon our inner strength as there is now.

Granted there is much to feel fearful of during these extremely troubling times, however, we can overcome a degree of anxiety through channelling our energy into those areas within our lives that we can actually control. This might look like something as small as creating a schedule for your day, to making time to eat right, or taking up an online course. Staying indoors is an effective method of both controlling your environment and reducing unnecessary stress. 

The Strength card follows on from The Chariot, a card which represents progression, movement and change. Change. It is one of life’s only certainties, yet ironically, it is also the source of much of our anxiety. We are repeatedly being told that we are now living in ‘unprecedented times’, however it is a fact that humans do not deal well with uncertainty, it creates the potential for infinite possibilities, which in turn creates the potential for over-thinking, anxiety, and catastrophising. It is the brain’s way of coping, by trying to control what is out of our hands by setting ourselves up for the worst-case scenario. Yet when we allow ourselves to invert these obsessive and unhelpful behaviours through employing positivity, miraculous things can happen.

Indeed, there are a plethora of studies which show that adopting positive thinking can make a huge impact on our bodies as well as our minds, especially the heart (which is also ruled by the sign of Leo). Stress ravages the body, as well as robbing us of our inner peace. I have said this before, but it is an important point in which to reiterate, I do not want to diminish or belittle anybody’s fear or suffering, we are navigating uncharted waters, there is no doubt about this.

However, like the graceful maiden on the card, I want to remind you that we are all spiritual beings, capable of much more that we know. If we are able to tame our most basic and animalistic emotional states (fear and anxiety are ancient survival instincts), we burst open a new door full of possibility where the outcome could be anything from ‘okay’, to nothing short of wonderful.