I am happy and honoured to be participating in The Golden Dome School Tarot-Thon for Black Lives this *SATURDAY, JUNE 13TH* where I will be offering 30 minute Tarot readings for £25 with 100% of the funds going to Color of Change, National Bail Out, Black Lives Matter, and UndocuBlack Network.

On June 13th members of the spiritual community will be conducting tarot readings and donating all proceeds. Alia Walston will be offering a ceremonial dedication on the Golden Dome School Tarot Instagram page. You can find a list of others readers in this network by visiting the @goldendomeschool instagram or here.

The readers and healers participating in the Tarot-Thon are committed to going beyond donating funds. We are dedicated to acknowledging and educating ourselves about systemic racism, dismantling white supremacy, and opposing violence against Black people in all forms. We call for an end to the police through defunding and reallocating resources to help Black communities thrive.

If you would like to book a reading with me you can do so here or via my instagram. All questions are very thoroughly answered on the @goldendomeschool instagram page or website.