This card is one of action as demonstrated by the determined figure riding his chariot drawn by two sphinx-like creatures, one male, one female, one black, one white, each pulling in opposite directions which represents the polarities of life, the push and pull that comes with all major life changes.

When the Chariot appears in a reading, it can be a sign that whatever you have been planning or working towards is coming into fruition. However, the Chariot is often a sign that there is a degree of movement needed in your life. Perhaps this relates to a physical relocation and you are considering leaving your home town or city in pursuit of pastures new. At 37 years of age, I have lived in more homes than I have lived years on this earth. Ironically for me, change has been a major source of consistency in my life, so whenever I draw the Chariot, my feet begin to itch. 

However, there are times when we all feel reluctant to embrace change and it is through this resistance that we block the natural ebb and flow of life and the endless opportunities that arise when we have the courage to ask what if…?

The Chariot may signal that you need to let go of something in order to move forward, be it from the past, a person, or even your own mindset. If you do feel a sense of blockage somewhere, a sense that something is stifling your energy and creativity, the Chariot is a reminder that something needs to be released. Movement whether physical, mental, emotional, is a necessary, albeit unnerving part of life, for it speaks of uncertainty and of change. 

The Chariot card is also associated with the sign of Cancer and as there is a rare new moon in this sign today, it is the perfect time to manifest change and movement in your life if you so wish.

Conversely, if you are feeling stuck or disillusioned, have faith and take control of the reins for only you can steer your chariot towards emotional and spiritual fulfilment. If physical change feels daunting or plain impossible right now, remember that change always starts from within. What are you waiting for? Onward.

New Moon Blessings, Melissa