Three of Swords

Now that Venus, the planet of love is retrograde it seemed only apt that today’s daily tarot card is the Three of Swords.

Let it all out.

Perhaps one of the more literal of the card interpretations, the image on the Three of Swords depicts a large heart pierced with three swords; as swords represent words, thoughts, feelings, and emotions, the three swords conquers images of sadness, memories of the past, harsh words, all the classic hallmarks of heartbreak and loss. Indeed, the pain that this card evokes is almost palpable, yet there is hope to be found when this card appears in a reading.

The most obvious interpretation of this card is lost love and heartbreak, yet the Three of Swords can also signal betrayal, cross-words with somebody you care about, and feelings of being let down or disappointed in partnerships in general. In a more broader sense, you may be experiencing a period of melancholy or depression and may feel as though you have lost you way.

The advice and guidance here is to let it out. If you have been experiencing any of the above, allow yourself time to grieve, heartbreak is the great leveller and it affects us all at some point in our lives. It is the stuff that writers, painters, poets and prophets have been crafting with for centuries. Indeed, to love and to have lost is a reminder of our own humanity.

There are times when we may push such feelings of heartbreak under the surface as they can feel overwhelming or completely numbing, this is normal, it is a form of self-preservation, however in the words of the poet Rumi,

‘The Cure for Pain is in The Pain’

So allow yourself to feel all the feels, laugh when you feel like it, cry when you need to, let all the waves and shades of heartache wash over you knowing that only the greatest and bravest hearts get broken.