Virgo is the Virgin, she is Isis, Mary, Gaia, Goddess of the Harvest. She is the three ages of womxn. Virgo is the season of the witch.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, blessing them with a gift for words and a natural ability to use them in their purest and more potent form. These natives possess an acerbic wit which is not for the light-hearted, they are
wickedly funny.

Virgos may appear cool, calm and collected, but do not mistake their introspection for timidity, there is nearly always an electrical storm of mental activity raging within. Virgos never stop turning over information in their minds, processing everything in order to glean its relevance and usefulness for a later date. They make excellent writers and designers; however, they also excel in roles such as counsellor and critic due to their analytical and exacting natures.

Life’s perfectionists, they won’t hesitate to let you know if you are doing something incorrectly, but their criticism never comes from a place of malice, for they are pure at heart. No, their advice is offered out of a desire to help and they show their love and appreciation for others through service. The phrase, ‘hard work is its own reward’ was probably penned by a Virgo.

Natural critics, they can’t help but view the world from a place of betterment as they possess an innate desire to refine and improve. However, if you think their criticism is too much to stomach, it’s nothing compared to their self-critical nature. They can be extremely tough on themselves, unable to reach their own self-imposed and near impossible standards of excellence.

Ruled by the 6th house of health, it is not unusual to find these natives cooking up something wonderful in the kitchen (ruled by their gut, they cannot stomach bad food, energy, or people for that matter), in fact, they are hyper-sensitive to anything that feels ‘off’. They are also a natural where children and animals are concerned as they possess an innate sense of innocence, even in adulthood, and are known for their calm temperaments.

Embrace this Virgoan energy by sorting the wheat from the chaff. There’s no room for excess or waste of any kind under this sign. This is a reminder of your annual cosmic spring clean. Harvest season has arrived.

‘Have nothing…that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’

William Morris, (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) Textile designer, poet, novelist, translator, socialist activist, and #Virgo Moon icon

Art: Annuntiatio, Nika Nesgoda, 2002